Eco Friendly
The following are our own small actions contributing to the effort made for the promotion of green care and ecological protection: 
To our breakfast
All marmalades are homemade by us, from seasonal biological fruits, maturing in our garden with a natural procedure and without adding any preservatives. 
Vegetables are from selected small producers from the island of Rhodes cultivated without the use of harmful pesticides for the human health.
Olives and Olive Oil
Olives are from our field, prepared and preserved with the traditional way. 
Spices are scattered in our gardens and available for use by our guests. 
Mediterranean cuisine
The ingredients for each course, fish and meat, are local and cooked with the old traditional recipe and the use of biological olive oil produced by us as well as the original sea salt collected from the bays of sea areas of Psaltos in Lindos and Pefkoi. 
Salt electrolysis is one of the safest and most hygienic disinfection methods for the swimming pool water with many advantages:
  • The production of inorganic chlorine from the splitting of salt electrolysis entails the non production of harmful byproducts for the human health (cyanouric compounds) in the swimming pool water that accompany organic chlorines.
  • The pool’s maintenance is made without use of chemical additives.
  • The water has no smell and does not irritate swimmers’ skin or eyes.
  • A standard uniform production of disinfection mean is achieved in the desired levels.
  • The water’s feel is more pleasant to the body.
  • An environmental friendly disinfection method is ensured.