Lindos Village

    Lindos, Kamiros and Ialisos were the three cities-states that were formed around 800 a.C. after the end of the Mycenaen civilization. Lindos had great marine power as well as intellectual development. Known for its Acropolis it received a lot of admiration for its beauties, power and its strategic position. 

    From the traditional village with the Byzantine churches and its beautiful alleys, visitors can rent a donkey from the village square and climb up to the acropolis, which is built in a 116 meter high steep rock. There among other findings of architectural interestthe remains of the temple of Athena the Lindia were found dated in 4th century a.C. and the headquarters from the period of Knights. 

   The rich history of Lindos is mixed with the modern life offering a cultural experience and fun making Lindos one of the most satisfying and complete tourist destination. Lindos is located close to many popular beaches like Vlicha, Pefkoi, St. Paul and Lardos.